ICHE Hamburg 2014

11th International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering

"Hydro-Engineering for Environmental Challenges"

Hamburg City Hall

Technical Tours

#1 Hamburg Harbor Boat Trip

The harbor is the most important economic factor in the metropolitan area of Hamburg. It covers 10% of the city area and is Europe's second largest harbor in terms of container handling; about 13.000 ships arrive each year from all over the world.

Starting at Sandtorhöft we will experience the size and diversity of the harbor in a two hour long trip through ocean giants and cruise ships. The trip is accompanied by experts from Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) who provide in-depth information on technological, ecological and economic aspects around the harbor.

More: http://www.hamburg-port-authority.de/en/Seiten/Startseite.aspx

Meeting point is the entrance hall/registration desk at about 14:10 or at the boat stop Sandtorhöft at 14:45.

#2 Ship Lift Scharnebeck

The Lüneburg ship lift in Scharnebeck is a double boat lift at the Elbe-Seiten-Canal close to Hamburg. Rimmed by forest, bright concrete towers and the red troughs represent an impressive landmark. The ship lift carries around 21.000 ships each year as an oversized elevator overcoming a height level of 38 meters. The first ship passed to the partial release of the channel between the Elbe and the harbor Lüneburg in 1975. Meanwhile, both troughs of the boat lift work independently and are driven from a central control booth fully automatically in one-man operation.

We offer a technical guided tour by the Water and Shipping Authority Uelzen behind the curtains of this impressive structure. Participants should wear solid shoes and weather adequate clothes. (Return to Hamburg ~18:45)

More: http://www.wsa-uelzen.wsv.de/wasserstrassen/bauwerke/index.html

Meeting point is before the entrance hall at 14:10. You will be led to the bus waiting to collect you.

#3 Inner City Flood Protection

Although the city of Hamburg is not situated directly by the sea, it is constantly under pressure of storm surges with extreme high tides in the inner city. Especially the 1962 storm surge has led to the development of extensive and sophisticated counter measures along the Elbe river to protect the harbor and the city centre.

We will walk along some of these complex and impressive constructions from Landungsbrücken towards the HafenCity, where a new city quarter is developed and built. The tour is led by an expert of the Hamburg Agency for Roads, Bridges and Waters Management.

More: http://www.hamburg.de/hochwasser

Meeting point is the entrance hall/registration desk at 14:10.

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