ICHE Hamburg 2014

11th International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering

"Hydro-Engineering for Environmental Challenges"

Hamburg City Hall

Mini Symposia

CFD in the nearfield of structures

These sessions will be focused on the open source CFD code OpenFOAM ® and its broad spectrum of applications. More ...

Impacts of Climate Change on Inland and Coastal Waterways and Adaptation Strategies

The symposium addresses both physical / chemical / ecological aspects and impacts on inland and coastal waterways as well as adaptation strategies. More ...


These sessions focus on the morphodynamics of rivers, estuaries, coasts and shallow seas and address the uncertainty of numerical morphodynamic modeling. More ...

Data management in hydro-engineering

These sessions shed light on the usage of spatial data infrastructures for hydro-engineering with special focus on metadata and web services. More ...

Advances of Modeling Methodology for Agricultural Research

Recent progress has been encouraging in obtaining more realistic understanding of complicated agricultural processes in nature. More ...

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